Top 10 Life Goals To Do Now

Top 10 Life Goals To Do Now

Life goals, the cherry on top of your life. These are what set you up in life whether it’s a house, having children, getting married, travelling the world, eating the biggest slice of pizza in the world, eating healthier or making your own successful blog (my goal).

These are not only what defines you, but its what makes you special and unique.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishing something and knowing you pushed yourself to the level where you succeeded.

When you can say, I did it and I conquered it. You know you’ve made it.

Personally, it took me so long to battle through to a better natural lifestyle. The tears, the moods, and the money were my main excuses. I said to myself, if I don’t do this now, when will I? I beg to differ that I would wait until I was 50 to do this….

Honestly, what’s the hold up? What’s holding you back? Remember, God is right there beside you. Let him guide you. Absolutely nothing is impossible with him (Mathew 19:26).  Make it your reality and make it happen. Look at me, I’m finally doing it and taking that leap.

Honestly, no matter what age you are, don’t let it define you. Making the most out of your life is SO important…..

Onto amazing goals… you should be thinking or doing right now:


There is nothing better than saying hey, let’s travel to the Safari in South Africa, go to the Pacific Islands for a while, see the Grand Canyons in Arizona, or Kauai, Hawaii! New experiences will only grow and shape you. This will only fuel you into having new perspectives, new outlooks in life, and a sense of thankfulness for all that God has created. Life is a gift and it’s not our job and our calling to be sucked into this rate race we call life. Everything God created was good (check out Genesis in the bible) and was made to explore and get a deeper connection with it


Today, I admit, how difficult it is to save. The moment you get that pay check in your hand and then it’s gone the next minute. Where did it go? There are so many ways to save and conserve money. Try getting an app or make an excel sheet, or even better, google an easy plan budget sheet where you can record all your information and track your spending habits over time. You’d be amazed with what you spend. Little things add up like going out for meals, buying the odd shirt or make-up appliance, food you don’t need, or what about those coffee runs in the morning?

Try leaving your debit and credit card out of sight and taking physical cash with you instead so it will deter you from spending more. What about saving or using leftover foods (did you know you can even use the radish stems for radish soups or putting them in smoothies or orange peels into a DIY cleaner)? Make a list before going shopping or set up a piggy bank to spend. Get someone to come with you.

You’d be amazed with what you can save.


Nothing is more soothing than the smell of a new and fresh meal. The aroma takes over your body and next thing you know, you’re on another planet. This is so good to know off hand. Try a variety of different kinds of meals (for example like a vegetarian night, a hormone-free roasted beef and sweet potato night, or a Greek night). Try being creative!

The possibilities are endless.

Be with Someone

Being alone is great sometimes, but having someone by your side is so much better. God created us so we’d have a partner to help and support us through life. A best friend. A person that emotionally, physically, and mentally is there for you in sickness and health. Believe it or not, this will only build you and shape your lifestyle. Having a companion can actually help you achieve your goals.

Build Memories

It’s so important to cherish every moment in your life, but it’s also important to store and remember those memories as well. As we age, it’s nice to see those good memories you were as a child. If you have children, go out exploring, take them to the parks, take them on a trip or take pictures of them here or there. Build memories of your pets, your parents, your home, and/or your accomplishments and previous goals. You will look back at it, smile, and remember that day and pass it on.

Learn to say no

This is so hard to do. Especially if your super passive like me. It does take courage. A lot of it.  It’s hard to tell someone no. The way I learned around this is to really put your foot down and not care what they think. They will have more respect for you. Sometimes no is the right answer. Try to build up to it overtime. Baby steps are key.

Learn nature values

Why not learn which herbs to eat in the wilderness? What about natural aid remedies? Most people don’t really think of this until the time it happens. When that happens, you start to panic, your body stresses, and it becomes a worse state. Go explore locations around your area!

Challenge Yourself

Set a challenge for yourself.  Don’t settle for a couch, Netflix, and popcorn every night. Expanding your mind, embracing the unknown (and building new knowledge), and testing your difficulties; these will change your lifestyle. It will make you rich mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Stop procrastinating and build yourself up.


We all know we can sometimes get so caught up with life in the way that we don’t put ourselves first. When was the last time you got pampered? Probably not in a very long time. Care about your skin, your nails, and your hair. Ditch the chemicals. Ditch the cheap stuff. It will only hurt you in the long run. Moisturize your skin with coconut oil! Make your own hair mask with Lavender oil and honey.

Get Right with God

This is one of the stones I built myself on and on this blog. Life is great. You can have all the riches in the world but if you don’t have God, your life will fall apart. Guaranteed. Joshua 1:9 points out ‘‘For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’’ It’s true! Our lives depend on Him. If we get right with God all our goals will be accomplished (with our own tests in life) but he will be there every step of the way making you dreams come true.

Even if you do one of these goals, that’s amazing!

You know your will power is working and your ready to take on the hard lessons in life but also enjoy other parts. Always ask yourself, why not?  Why not take the chance on a goal?

Good luck!




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This is great advice–but wow, the learning to say no–that is one I wish I had learned a lot sooner in life! A lot of valuable info here!


Goals are a good thing…Congratulations on your launch and accomplishing a goal. Welcome to the blogging world!


Your blog is very beautiful. These are great goals you pointed us to here. My favourite is the last one: Get right with God. God’s grace and blessings beyond your expectations on your blogging journey in Jesus’ name.

Mihaela Echols

I love it! My post today is what are our priorities in life and God should be first and constant. Doing these things you have listed set such great boundaries for our selves and others as well!


I love your list! I can especially relate to your goal of challenging yourself. This is something I have recently embraced as well. I’ve learned so many things through stepping out of my comfort zone and embarking on the next challenge that life takes me in. Best of luck in working toward your goals!

oussama AKSAS

wow beautifull and awsome blog keep doing up

The Girl! x

Great post with great tips…
I always try and cook a meal, you always know what is going into it that way! I am trying to challenge myself every day and the self-care and saving I am still trying to work on!

The Girl! x

Srijan Gopal

The goals you are talking about are very relatable. Loved reading it.


These are truly amazing goals! The traveling one I would love to be able to do more of. Two elementary age children and working full-time doesn’t really allow for this one. At least not on grand traveling adventures. My husband and I try to small treks around the area!


Love these life goals. It’s is true that everything is attainable if we put our mind to it, trust God and work hard. You can do this Dianna!
And so can I. Thanks for the encouragement!!


Nice, motivational and wise!